owner | me

hello and olla.
nama. Nur Shahirah.
celebrate mine at 11/mac every year ! :)
i'm the owner and the author of this blog !
do know me better! let me tell yoo :) 
i'm not random.i just have many thoughts.
i know that i maybe not perfect. but i'm always me. just accept me as i do.
don't judges me based on your ignorances only. or on your first impression on me. 
get to know me well first and you will know who am i.
i'm the young bloggie and i love it damn much ! :)
love to hang out with all my friends also with my beloved family and my loved one !
do like me.just be my follower.
 if you are the one of my haterz.u can take off and leave my page. it's oke for me ! i don't care at all.  :)
ohh my likee ;)
talkative. shopaholic. movies. reading. surfing. netballer. footballer.  :)
love it all damn much ! 
love being in happy go lucky mood.
i'm totally enjoying my life.
lets have some chocolate together with me ! haha :)
cheerss !

sorry. no pause button ;)

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